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August 9, 2021 marks “Day One” of Inertia Physio and Pelvic Health being open for business! In many ways, it is terrifying to be undertaking something so big and unknown. In other ways, it seems I’ve been called to do this for a long time. There are many “day one” milestones in life, some we anticipate for years and others are as expected as a punch in the face.

I’ll never forget “day one” on rotation as a doctoral physical therapy student, nervously following my clinical instructor into the acute care rooms to evaluate patients’ mobility just hours after surgery. I quickly learned that having 100% of textbook knowledge accounted for is only half the profession. Physical therapy is a unique, caring profession that often requires meeting people at their most vulnerable state, taking their hand and saying “I’m here with you. This is day one, let’s move forward from here.”

Being able to meet others on a difficult “day one” requires reflecting on one’s own. Shifting the mindset from “one day, I’ll run again” to “this is day one, let’s run” is a big step. Day one of becoming a mother changed me forever as a person and set my profession in a trajectory I could have never predicted. As I grew in my own experience, my passion for pelvic health concerns and pregnancy/postpartum rehabilitation planted the seed of “one day…”

One day, I’ll start a business where women can learn what is truly going on as their amazing bodies grow another human inside. One day, I’ll reach enough healthcare professionals that postpartum rehab will begin to become the standard of care, and no one will feel confined to pain or issues from pregnancy and childbirth. One day, I’ll treat athletes as passionate about their craft as I am and cheer as they reach their personal best. One day, I’ll shift the outlook of just one more patient that believes that throwing in the towel on their body and sitting on the sidelines is how it must be.

My own shift from “one day” to “day one” came with the unrelenting support of my husband Brad, who believed I could do it before I did. For years he told me I could make it happen, but there were too many unknowns and “what-ifs” to make the leap. Every bit of this undertaking has come with the unconditional support of my entire family, I could not do it without them.

So here we are, “Day one” of running a physical therapy private practice. I know the next several years will have ups, downs, more exciting “day one’s” and at least one punch in the face. We’re in it for the long haul, so come by and say hi!

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